Silencing Osama Bin Laden!

Bin Laden was both accused and convicted as the scape goat by US president Bush. Bush is not a truthful man. He was killed, unarmed and shot multiple times guaranteeing his silence and as if to guarantee his silence! It is a contrast that 1250 years ago, King James enacted into law the principle of …

Bedouin Semsemia music

I guess in this age where everyone else in an expert, a specialist deciding art , music and even how you should think, you might not like this! But again maybe you can live the music yourself instead of needing musical specialists, like we used to do, like these people still do!

The Geopolitics of World War III

In 2010 Iraq established non-US currency based trade for it’s oil, shortly after America contrived a war against them. Libya changed it’s currency for oil to a non-US dollar system and it was destroyed by the US. The Russians, China, Brazil, and Iran( The BRICS) are now threatening the same thing, and so now the …

Believing in Non-Beliefs!

Health, physical and mental and spiritual is a power we have over our own lives and we should not be giving it away. The current system denies us because we are not experts, but truthfully we are the experts. This has become an industry, the industry of helping the resigned to be helpless, the industry …

Übermensch, and Afro-America

African Americans were deprived of the legal right to own property for a long time. Before emancipation and the us civil war  they were regarded as property themselves. The anti-african conspiracy remains effective even to this day! Property has been established since the advent of agriculture 7000 years ago in mesopotamia. It afforded a huge …

U. S. of Assholes!

With millions of people murdered by American Übermensch the rest of the people are bent on self-defence if nothing else! Self-defence is a human right! Ever wonder why they hate you? Keep laughing assholes! Radicalize my ASS!


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