Heart Disease Linked to Sunlight Deficiencies!

Vitamin D is formed in the skin when UVB radiation from the sun reacts with cholesterol within the skins capillary bed. This conversion takes place and reduces the cholesterol level of the body. In the absence of this exposure cholesterol builds up in the body and causes coronary heart disease instead of creating the disease preventative hormone vitamin D. Taking vitamin D orally will not provide this benefit.

The exchange and turnover of vitamin D for cholesterol in the skins capillary bed will be the determining factor in reducing blood plasma cholesterol levels. If the rate of the livers production of cholesterol always exceeds this, then no reduction will occur. If insufficient vitamin D is synthesized in the skin, then no reduction will occur.

Coppertone Baby

Professor Hollick suggests that consistent sun exposure over a lifetime does not increase skin cancer rates, but greatly reduces them.

If the blood flow is good enough to improve on this ratio, then of course cholesterol levels should be reduced. Recent research is also indicating that sunshine dilates capillaries.

Capillary blood flow is often times limited by the tiny diameter of the capillaries themselves, often only large enough to allow passage of one blood cell at a time to squeeze through. They are also regulated and at any time three quarters of them are closed. I can suggest the use of a nicotinic acid flush which increases capillary size two and three fold, which translates into a four to nine fold increase in the blood flow potential. Many people suffer from an insufficient capillary blood flow. Vitamin B3 rivals, and often produces much better results than modern Staton drugs designed to combat high cholesterol levels in the blood. The reason for this now seems apparent since it enhances the vitamin D pathway that nature intended for our bodies to utilize.

Vitamin D Sunshine

Professor Hollick also suggests that the associated risks of vitamin D deficiency clearly outweighs any risk of sun exposure!

Muscle contractions are triggered by the flood of calcium ions into the muscle cells, and muscle relaxation is triggered by the flood of magnesium ions into the muscle cells. When the heart fails to contract and relax rythmically from these alternating ionic signals, this is called a heart attack. Calcium adsorption into the body is very poor without vitamin D, as is magnesium adsorption. If you lack vitamin D then you also lack these two minerals so essential for routine heart function.

So, in these ways sunlight combats heart disease by completing the metabolic pathway for vitamin D synthesis in the skin. The vitamin D created in this way reduces the cholesterol level of the body and also greatly enhances the adsorption of calcium and magnesium into the body ensuring a strong healthy heart, enhancing the relaxation response, and avoiding coronary artery disease.

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“We investigated the relationship between geography and incidence of coronary heart disease, looking at deficiency of sunlight and thus of vitamin D as a factor that might influence susceptibility and thus disease incidence. Sunlight deficiency could increase blood cholesterol by allowing squalene metabolism to progress to cholesterol synthesis rather than to vitamin D synthesis as would occur with greater amounts of sunlight exposure, and the increased concentration of blood cholesterol during the winter months, confirmed in this study, may well be due to reduced sunlight exposure. We show evidence that outdoor activity (gardening) is associated with a lower concentration of blood cholesterol in the summer but not in the winter. We suggest that the geographical variation of coronary heart disease is not specific, but is seen in other diseases and sunlight influences susceptibility to a number of chronic diseases, of which coronary heart disease is one.”



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    • This article may well save a friend’s life who refuses to go out into the sun yet has high levels of CH despite diet and good health habits/ Thank you. Serendipitous that you saw my cartoon and liked it and i clicked onto your site and saw this. Love how that works!

    • The body design needed sunlight – for Vit D and probably other things – and we live unnaturally (and call it progress!) in places like Manhattan, the Mecca of so many!

  1. Andrea,
    It seems that environmental energy flows from the earth and sun are far more critical to good physical health than the current consensus understands.
    thanks for the Like!

  2. Hey Robert – I jumped over from your “like” on my Dr. Charles Parker Shindig post to thank you — and I’m glad I did! I was initially intrigued with your Type III post (mine’s in draft, so there’s time to reference yours before it posts – if you are doing a follow-on, let’s coordinate). In any case, I clicked “wrong” and got here.

    QUESTION: What can those who have been told “no sun” do (long-term melanoma surviver in my case)? I study sunlight’s effect on sleep timing (another bugaboo of mine) – but the research is OCULAR about chronos, not SKIN, as seems to be indicated re: vitamin D synthesis. Do you know if exposure to full spectrum light (Ott, etc.) has any protective value there?

    Also, do you know if there has been any research as to the difference that timing makes to D systhesis? (e.x, – for entrainment, ocular exposure to AM light helps, PM light not).

    Thanks! Beautiful blog, btw. – think about guest posting in my [non-pharma] Alternative Series if you have info on attention or cognition to share with my readership.
    mgh ~ Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
    - ADD Coaching Field co-founder -
    (ADDandSoMuchMore and ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    • Hi Madelyn,

      The timing of exposure is largely related to the sun angle since so little of the vitamin D generating rays actually make it through the ozone. Ten or fifteen minutes a few times a week is all you need, but you also need a high sun angle at most latitudes(noon is best). Also it may be impossible even at noon for many months of the year depending upon your latitude.

      I am not sure about protective values for full spectrum light, but I do know that exposure to 3 micron infrared(which is a component of sun light) has amazing antioxidant value, and I am referring to the work of Gerald Pollack when I say this.

      I bought a set of UVB lights before Christmas, and have been using them for 2 minutes every other day, and have found a profound improvement in my mood. I use them in the morning when I get up and they definitely have an immediate stimulatory effect.

      Thanks for the thoughtful enquiries!

    • Yes Sir and if you look into Dr. Hollicks work, those with darker skin are even more at risk when living especially in northern latitudes!
      You take care, my friend!

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    • Yes, sun exposure is a likely factor. Twenty percent of your gene expression is vitamin D dependant, and lacking this exposure you will be deficient twenty percent of the protein machinery of life.

      • According to Dr. Hollick from The Boston School of Medicine, consistent sun exposure over a lifetime actually decreases your odds of getting skin cancer.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I’m a migraineur that has stopped working due to chronic daily headaches. My husband jokingly calls me his little vampire, cause I stay in doors most days with the blinds and curtains closed (I suffer from photophobia). When he gets home he goes through the house opening them all telling me I need light. And guess what? I was told my cholesterol is high (though not yet at a level that requires medication).
    My hubby is going to be surprised when he gets home tomorrow and sees the house full of light and me walking around with sunglasses on lol.
    I’m also going to try 15 mins a day out in the sun when my migraine pain isn’t severe.
    Thx again for the post!

    • Your migraines may be tied into little sun exposure. I have heard that magnesium deficiency is at the root cause of migraines.
      The body does not adsorb magnesium or calcium well without vitamin D, and all of the polypeptides that require vitamin D for genetic expression also typically require magnesium also.
      You also may want to start soaking in Epsom Salt baths since this is mostly magnesium and it is adsorbed well through the skin.

      • Thx again! I usually take magnesium pills, I’m out now, but I probably wasn’t absorbing what I needed anyway. I’ll certainly try your suggestions. More and more my puzzle pieces are coming together. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m sure your articles are helping more people than you know.
        I’d like to share your article on my blog. I’ll probably write a post then attach the link. But is there a way I can feature all of what you’ve written but still attribute it to you. I’m new to WordPress. If not I’ll go with writing the post and including a link to your article.
        Take care.

      • you can reproduce the article with a link to my site at the bottom and credit, or you can hit reblog and add your own comments.
        Also, you might want to watch the Dr Hollick lecture at the bottom of one of my sunlight/vitamin d posts…it is revealing and humorous! ;)

  5. Awesome article! For too long people have bought into thinking the sun is bad and are so driven by the fear of being burnt that they put toxic sunscreens on their bodies in a misguided attempt to ‘protect’ themselves.
    You have to actually read labels on sunscreens, be willing to pay a little more for quality natural alternatives, and avoid the intense midday sun if you are very pale and susceptible to burns. Common sense is king!

  6. Great article of interest.. couple of years ago I’d developed an extreme vitamin D decency as well as high cholesterol.. and was surprised when having refused the cholesterol meds.. and concentrated first on the D deficiency, when my D deficiency corrected my cholesterol levels had already greatly improved too.. and now through your article have an idea maybe why.. Mahalo/Thank You!

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    • 95% of cholesterol is not dietary, but created in the liver. It is essential for membrane structure and hormone synthesis. High cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease but rather the consequence of vitamin C deficiency in the diets of the victim. Linus Pauling already adequately described this malady fifty years ago, and concluded a protocol for the reversal of arterial sclerotic plaque…the cause of and removal of oxidized cholesterol and scarring on the surfaces of blood vessels themselves.
      Cholesterol is essential for life, as vitamin D synthesis and simply parroting conventional nonsense is not enlightening!

  8. So glad you visited. I was diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency about six weeks ago. I’ve been trying to find out all I can about it. I’m on meds for it. It does seem to be something that no-one,not even doctors, take very seriously and yet the symptoms are hellish.
    I live in Scotland so everything is against achieving adequate levels all year round. We also have a huge heart disease problem. Very interesting article. x

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