Feed a Cold, Starve a Cancer!

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Related Post…”The United States of Cancer!”

“The cancer was gone!” he exclaimed. “Completely. To this day there’s no trace of it. And it’s been over a year.”…Dr. Fred Hatfield

“Although it wasn’t easy, Hatfield stopped eating carbohydrates, which turn into glucose inside your body. Cancer cells love glucose and need it so badly, that if you stop giving it to them, they die.”…Laurie Johnson


Dr. Otto Warburg defined cancer as a self-sustaining metabolic dysfunction of tissue. When a cell becomes cancerous it can only keep alive by fermenting glucose because it is oxygen deficient. This oxygen deficiency is maintained by the concentration of acid fermentation products like lactic acid and pyruvate that surrounds and permeates the tissue. This acid encapsulation prevents oxygen from reaching the tissue, and guarantees that fermentation is the only metabolic pathway that the cancer can get it’s energy from. This is a self-perpetuating disease, unless the cycle can be broken.

The interesting thing is that the weakest point to attack cancer is in it’s total dependancy upon sugar. If you cut off the sugar from the diet, the cancer will starve to death.

The most obvious demonstration of the voracious appetite of cancer for sugars is in diagnostic labs themselves. Glucose is fed to the patient, and the cancer cell lights up like a firefly in the PET Scan unquestionably indicating a cancerous tumour.

The typical diet all over the world is high in both simple and complex carbohydrates, and this is a critical mistake. If you eat a pound of potato chips(complex carbs), the digestive enzymes released in saliva and the pancreas rapidly convert this into a pound of sugar. Not many people would sit by the TV eating a pound of sugar, but they do complex carbs. The result is a huge spike in blood sugar levels which is toxic. The pancreas responds producing insulin to get the levels down. And if done, over and over again you, over time develop Type II diabetes or other equally dangerously related maladies. The three main dietary culprits are bread, rice, and potatoes, and of course the list is much more extensive than this.

If you remove the sugars from the diet the cancer will not get fuel, and will either starve or at least stop the fermentation metabolism producing the acids that prevent oxygen from reaching it, and allow the tissue to become yet again normal, healthy aerobic tissue.

The alternate fuels that do not feed cancer are fats, ketones, and l-glutamine. L-glutamine supplementation is critical to avoid your body from burning it’s own proteins as fuel, and thereby preserving muscle mass.

Geen Drink

And I mean, collard, kale, chard, spinach, and other green leafy vegetable juices.

Once you stop feeding the cancer green juice(very alkaline) will help remove the stubborn and difficult to remove lactic acid in and around the cancer, and restore oxygen levels, and the tissue itself to healthy normal tissue, and sometimes hopefully(especially as in brain cancer) before they die.

The fact that a low carbohydrate diet cures cancer, is itself a strong argument for both the Zero Carb Ketogenic, and The Akins Diets. Both are very simple and straight forward!

Sugar is The Achilles Heal of Cancer! The Atkins Diet and the Zero Carb Ketogenic Diets are the two obvious models that will kill cancer cells.

The cure to cancer has been at hand for nearly 50 years already, and squandering trillions of more dollars on research is useless! It certainly doesn’t take any more money, or genius to know that you can kill cancer by denying it glucose!

velis et remis


Light A Candle

The two diets that will kill cancer are the Zero Carb Ketogenic, and The Atkins Diet!


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  2. This is great information thanks for sharing. I have made excellent progress with weight loss and improving my health by following a type of low- carb / primitive way of eating popularized by Jordan Rubin in The Maker’s Diet over the past few months. Now I am on a mission to promote this way of eating to everyone. I was listening to a conversation today between a coworker and someone who works in a medical office and they were both like “Yeah, everyone gets cancer these days.” This was virtually unheard of 15-20 years ago! It’s so sad that people are oblivious to the causes and become desensitized to more and more cases of disease like cancer, heart disease diabetes etc.

    • It is simply so incredible, that so much effort has been squandered in the past 50 years since Warburg. Billions in wasted, pooled societal efforts to cure an easily slain disease. Stop eating sugar!

    • Thanks so much. I think that the best solutions are going to be found by informed, and interested people. People who are not willing to be led to a fleecing like a flock of sheep, or led to slaughter like a herd of cattle.

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