My journey with Ferro-Toxicity!

I went from a shockingly high Ferritin level of 1160 ng/ml at the end of August last year to a current level of 141 ng/ml(last Friday).
A single blood donation is good for about a 23.5% quick drop and I have made 2 blood donations in this period.
Most of the overall decrease however is the result of taking 2 level teaspoons of IP6(Inositol Hexaphosphate) first thing in the morning with water. (You have to understand “Water” and “Empty Stomach” or it will combine with other minerals and not work as an iron chelator.)
IP6 is on the FDA’s list of Iron Chelators, it is natural and safe unlike the pharmaceutical chelators which seem more dangerous than high plasma iron levels.
The iron Disorders institute recomends a ferritin level between 20 and 80, but my research indicates that indications of thyroid dysfunction begin to occur at levels below 50. Also it seems optimum thyroid function is maintained by a ferritin level between 90 and 105. So my conclusion is to strive for a long term ferritin level between 90 and 105.
The plan now is to continue with the IP6(currently dropping 5 points/day) and to do one last donation this coming Friday.
In about 1.5 weeks I will be at about 60 for ferritin, and the final donation will help lower my hemoglobin level which is quite high (the Iron Disorders Institute indicates this as a problem also).
After that I will allow the ferritin to climb back up to about 100 ng/ml(start eating oysters and red meat again…”Deliscious!”) and monitor and maintain that level for the long term.
It’s been a long haul dealing with Ferro-toxicity and I will be glad to have regained my health and lowered the oxidative stress and predictor of many inflammatory diseases!
I hope this info helps someone! 🙂


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