Predictor of Mortality~Iron Overload!

A Scandinavian study conducted using over 8,000 participants tracked “Ferritin” levels over a period of several decades.

Ferritin is the Iron storage protein produced by the liver to safely store iron within the body. A healthy persons Ferritin level is a very good indication of the overall iron that the body contains.

Free iron in the body is highly ‘Oxidative’ and quickly erodes cells, cellular organelles, tissue and organs throughout(including the brain). Even though low iron has it’s own associated maladies, excessive iron is even worse.

Men, on average store more iron than women, and this is largely attributed to female menstruation. However when woman receive hysterectomies  at an early age, they no longer menstruate and their iron level profiles elevate and fall in line with those typical of men.

These women lose the 7 or 8 year life expectancy advantage over men, and their mortality rates and longevity become identical with those of men.

According to the study(which uses a Ferritin level of 200 ng/ml for a benchmark), having a maintained Ferritin Level of 600 ng/ml will reduce your life expectancy by 26 years!





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