Curing Toenail Fungus

Anyone with toenail fungus knows how difficult it is to remove. I had an infection for over 15 years after spending an entire Southern Ontario winter working in 6 inches of slushy snow every day.

The nail itself shields the fungus from chemicals and prescription medication that is ingested is more harmful than the condition itself. Infrared heat penetrates the nail and kills the fungus!

A Chinese invention called a TDP lamp or Miracle Lamp, used by TCM practitioners like Accupuncturists killed my chronic infection.

The TDP lamp is a recent development devised by researchers in China who investigated reports on unusual health atributed to the workers in a clay mine in China. The hot clay, they found was emitting infrared radiation that was being adsorbed by the workers that apparently conferred the striking state of unusual well being upon them.


Genuine Guo Gong plate

The TDP lamp utilizes the same 33 elements found in the clay and in the same proportion and applied to the surface of the emitting plate in a carbon resin that produces a black-body mid and far infrared emitter. The emitter is heated from behind and this produces a stream of 2 to 500 micron radiation that more or less replicates the infrared emissions of the human body itself.

The 33 elements ionize when heated and release emf radiation at the corresponding frequencies. It is noteworthy that the 3.105 micron emission noted by Gerald Pollack is contained within this range and corresponds with the O-H stretch of a water molecule.

After treating myself on the bottom of my feet for several weeks my fungal infection cleared up and my legs lost their aches and pains, circulation had been enhanced.


Early in 1970

Understand Bio-Frequency Spectrum

Pollack Labs

“The energy responsible for building this charged, low entropy zone comes from light. We found that incident radiant energy including UV, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths induce exclusion-zone growth in a spectrally sensitive manner. IR is particularly effective. Five-minute exposure to radiation at 3.1 µm (corresponding to OH stretch) causes an exclusion-zone-width increase of up to three times. Apparently, incident photons cause some change in bulk water that predisposes constituent molecules to reorganize and build the charged, ordered exclusion zone. How this occurs is under study.” GP

~It is likely that nano-structured water is at the core of cellular mitochondrial respiration. RG


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