Grounded Being

Light travels from the source to the destination at 186k miles per second. As the exchange particle of the electro-magnetic force it is not emitted randomly but is instead only emitted once a receiving atom has been determined.

This means that when you go out tonight to look at a star 1 million light years away that the light striking your eye was determined to be adsorbed by you a million years before you were even born. This explains why the past is fixed and there is only one history and why we can see into the past, as we see a star, and yet we never see objects in the future. The past forever communicates with us and yet we can never send it back.

The present moment is the cutting edge of reality, a totality resulting out of the flow of everything that ever has been converging to this the very edge of creation itself. Where we are now is where we are supposed to be, where we have to be, on the edge.

Maybe tonight when you look out into the universe your eye emits a light to be received by another eye a million years in the future! Just a twinkle…



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