Free to be a drone

Its peculiar that all three of the Faith’s of the West talk the language of human freedom and yet are actively working against it especially when it comes to religion and raising their children.image

The right that parents claim is the right to brainwash there children from a young age and indoctrinate them in their own brand. If this wasn’t bad enough they always always deny even inquiring about other religions.

What freedom is available to a child when his family, his school, his community and church all work together to immerse the child in a program of indoctrination. The only result possible is generation after generation of drones unable to think critically about religion or to compare different religions judging them all fairly for themselves.image

It seems to me that a truly free society would make religious education mandatory and would teach systematically all three major Faith’s of the West and the three major Faith’s of the East without any biase or prejudice. If that were the case, then we would have true freedom of religion and freedom of choice instead of the he fanatical, ignorant, unilateral arrangement that we have now!






2 thoughts

  1. Hi, Are you a parent? Just wondering where the ideas about brainwashing and indoctrination come from. Have you ever had to explain death to a child after a pet has died, or answered questions about God, angels or Heaven?
    Until you do, please don’t judge parents. Their job is hard enough. And they have the right to hand on their faith to their children, what they believe and have experienced.
    If parents don’t teach their children about life, death and their place in the world – the secular humanists will. At school, the children will be taught they’re descended from Monkeys. They’ll be taught godless humanism which is a belief system in itself.
    Teaching them the tenents of the different faiths at school seems a good idea – until a Muslim Iman comes into their classroom teaching them the Shahada, “there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” By the way, that’s how you become a Muslim. Children would need to be warned about that and taught to think critically about each belief system, including humanism. Only one of them can be true.
    About faith – what faiths (plural) of the West are you referring to that “talk the language of human freedom?” All the faiths come from the East. The West has embraced Christianity. Apart from Christianity and Judaism, the faiths are not about human freedom – especially Islam.
    I taught my children from the Bible because it’s not just a religion. It’s a way of living, a truth to believe, and the life we enjoy in the West – because the Bible underpins our law, our idioms, and our freedom. And we are free to accept or reject it. I taught them the two laws Jesus gave – to love God and love other people like they love themselves. Hasn’t hurt them at all. You’d like them. They’re independent, well mannered, free-thinking people who don’t need to look for work, the jobs are offered to them because they’re the kind of people employers want.
    Have you traveled? I’ve been to Malaysia, it’s Moslem and Malaysians have no such freedom. Malaysians told me they are born Moslem and have no choice over the faith they have. They told me Islam is very restrictive – they can’t even show affection or hold hands in public over there.
    Good luck with your blog and thanks for visiting Eleanor’s Nothing Book. Eleanor is my husband’s grandmother, who was a Sunday School Teacher and a woman of simple but great faith. She did not produce drones either and I’m very happy to have married into her American family. I’m putting her book up on the internet to honor her.
    All the best from NZ, Jo

    • Thanks Jo
      My children are all highly educated, capable and exceedingly emotionally sound adults now. Part of the reason for this is because they were never confused about religion or subjects like death, they were never told nonsense, at least by myself!
      You should try firstly being honest with yourself, the kids will handle honesty far better than you can, by the sound of it!

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