Dynamic Equilibrium and Human Collapse

The Taoists say that man follows the earth, that the earth follows the stars, and that the stars follow the Tao and that the Tao follows only itself.

Life is a process and not a thing. It has a beginning and an ending, and a sequence of development in between birth and death.

We are and have been in flux, and a dynamic equilibrium since the beginning of life three billion years ago. The molecules and organisms, the composition of the atmosphere, has kept life in dynamic equilibrium with the planet, the stars and with other life.

The evolution has been gradual in key aspects allowing for the reactive adaptations to occur.

The natural progression has meant that life has changed along with and kept up to the atmospheric composition of the environment and the chemicals released by the earth, and the chemical products of natural biological synthesis.

The landscape is now changed by the rapid introduction of synthetic and unnatural materials that life has never had to coexist with before. Herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, gmos and industrial coumpounds now permeate everything and everyone.

Undoubtedly the levels of psychological and physical stress causing diseases is a result of this. And if we drift to far detached from natural processes replacing them with artificial products and circumstances, it is likely that it may become an unsurvivable situation for us and others.


One thought

  1. Highly esoteric stuff,my dude.I read a little bit on Taoism as a teenager and I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today in a philosophical sense without an infusion of Taoist and Zen thinking.

    I honestly think the picture is bigger than us,though.Maybe we won’t survive the heavy metals and herbicides and pesticides,but nature will find a way.

    Good luck to the Lovecraftian post-human beetle race of 2365,I say. If we can’t find a way to continue to exist,then we don’t deserve to.

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