The Neanderthal in Modern Man

Svante Paabo decoded the Neanderthal genome from frozen remains and when he compared modern man he discovered that these genes inhabit our populations today.

The only pure Homo Sapiens on the planet are black Africans because Neanderthals never went into Africa, and the populations that left Africa all interbred with Neanderthals. Today, outside Africa, all human populations have between one and five percent Neanderthal genes, the highest being in Malaysia.

Neandertal physiology is short, stocky and very powerful. Neanderthals used only thrusting spears because of their lack of dexterity.

Homo Sapiens on the other hand have larger inner ears and this translates into a much better ability to negotiate their bodies in three dimensions. In short, they were more agile and athletic. This Homo Sapien purity likley accounts for the fact that blacks hold 80% of the world records in sports.

So it seems that Hitler had some Neanderthal blood in him and his claims of genetic racial purity were deeply flawed. Go figure!(that nut wasn’t even of a single species).

The only pure breed humans alive today are black Africans! 😎



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