Holograms; Black Holes, The Brain, and Aural Accupuncture

They say that all the information contained in a black hole exists on the surface of a two dimensional sphere surrounding this object. A sphere is only a two dimensional object because it can be completely described by the dimensions of latitude and longitude. The informational sphere exists somewhere about the event horizon of the black hole.


In psychology, the Homunculus is a micro-system and pattern of the whole human body that exists on the surface of the brain. The pattern when transposed on a two dimensional surface has the appearance of a small person with disproportionate features. The hands for example are disproportionately larger than the physiological equivalents. It is thought that the disproportion is because of the importance of the hands in exploring and manipulating the world and so the brain allocates more resources to it than other body parts.


Aural Accupuncture was developed in 1950 by Dr Paul Nogier. He was prompted to this discovery by some of his patients who had had small spots on the ear cortorized by a certain Madame Barrin to relieve sciatica pain. The treatment proved fast and effective. The map developed by Nogier was that of an inverted fetus superimposed on the external ear that guided the treatment of physical pathologies and illness by applying Accupuncture to the coresponding points of  the ear.

“It was speculated that the technique works because groups of pluripotent cells contain information from the whole organism and create regional organization centers representing different parts of the body.”




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