Ruled by Fantasy

Man has spent a million years developing the progress that we have today. The idea has always involved the notion that human engineered advances in technology and ideas is always a good thing for us. The often generated collateral damage can eventually be overcome, and that our ultimate success is a certainty.

In this dynamic the main organizing principle is and has always been fantasy and delusion based. The reaction to life and death itself, in the West is overwhelmingly delusional. The fact is that you have no recollections of anything before your birth, and after you die that you will have no experiences either. Having a beginning in nature also implies that you will at some point cease and an immortal soul, where was it before?

And so humanity has become absorbed in group deceit that it pools its energies around. It is easy to convince people to accept fantasy based explainations about what is and cause them to draw on fantasy based expectations of what will be.

The Wahhabi fanatics believe the fantasy that when everyone is converted to Sunni Islam that the world will be perfect. The Zionists believe that when the Jews(the chosen people) inherit the earth, a divine foretold perfection will have been achieved. The Christian Fundamentalists believe that when the non white, non Christians are defeated and dominated, the world will be a paradise.

It seems that disempowering, disspossessing, and murdering millions or even billions of people to achieve these ends are perfectly acceptable to these groups in order to realize their fantasies. The main thing standing in the way of zealots are the non believers and the competitor groups.

The American assertion of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, of the policy for A New American Century, and the right of the US to force a system on the rest of the world is no less a delusional fantasy than is religion. The heritics and non believers standing in the way are always expendable to the delusional fanatics!


2 thoughts

  1. Hi there. My guess — and it’s pretty certain – is that you haven’t seen the essays on the illusions and delusions of exceptionalism in “Be Still! Departure from Collective Madness” (2017, Wipf and Stock Publishers). Particularly “Idealism and Terror”, “Losing Our Heads”, “Religion and Politics: Cain and Abel”, “The Bristlecone Pines” and other essays in this volume engage the illusions and delusions you describe in this poignant piece. All the best in this time of collective madness!

  2. LOVE IT! I hit this one for I used the same exact picture in one of my own blogs prior to you making this one…plus, the topic is right up my alley. Please take a moment to read my blog entry “On an ‘Opened’ Mind” from Nov. 24, 2017 at and you will notice I myself see the big foot crushing down on my face with hands surrounding me pointing their fingers and calling me “Crazy!” …dearest Robert, I guess I’m not alone after all. Now following ya! Good luck!

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