The world as I see it!

The world of human culture is primarily based on delusion and fantasy.

Authority is a submission of the person to a leader who is given the Privelage of being accepted as worth following. The more followers an authority has then also the more authority he has.

People have lives that are mostly based on struggle. They are not glamorous or particularly enlightened, and so they are open to more more fanciful ideas about meaning and purpose.

When their imaginations can be satisfactorily engaged in a system of thought, and they think this is enjoyable to entertain, then they become subjects to the source of this authority.

The more subjects an authority has, the more powerful it becomes! When fantasies become more attractive and compelling than truth, then we get fanatics!

Religion is not a truth based idea, it’s a fantasy!

The truth is that ignorant people will believe anything!



5 thoughts

  1. Two questions for you. Firstly, could you clarify HOW humans are, by and large, deluded please? And also what would be a non-deluded mind? And secondly, can you envisage any way authority could be good or necessary? 🙂

  2. If religion is not truth-based, then neither is atheism. In that case, both are fantasies…but the latter is Dystopian and bring no joy, hope, or inspiration to anyone.

  3. Deluded when they accept rediculous ideas to explain and provide meaning for their lives, and at the same time accept the words of self-proclaimed authority as enough to justify their commitment. It’s always amazing that people will disreguard common sense and their own experience and observations after being told they are not capable of interpreting correctly.
    If I claim that only I can understand true economics because I am special (perhaps divinely inspired?), then that gives me a lot of power over you and creates a dependency. The religions all claim this type of authority, as do any politicians, and various other specialists. And for access to their privelaged and exclusive in site they always need money for this access!

  4. Insofar as I’m concerned – I’m one of those normally labeled as Pagan – “spiritual” is “religion.” Just because you’ve turned your back on both the Church(es) and their specific theology, doesn’t make what you believe something other than a religion any more than it does Shinto.

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