The History of America for what it is!

At the time of the Great Depression FDR developed the idea of the New Deal but needed money to pay for it.

The only place he was going to find the capital was from the rich and so a part of his plan was to increase the taxes on the corporations and financially affluent(like the Robber Barron’s) with a tax rate exceeding 90%.

The argument FDR used to have these people accept this arrangement was the need to save capitalism. and themselves.

The Great Depression had produced a huge surge in Americans participating in Labour Movements, and  Socialist and Communist parties. The Bolshevic Revolution of 1917 was still fresh in their memories and it was clear that the affluent in Russia lost everything they controlled and most often their lives and the lives of their families. Bringing this type of revolution to the US from within scared the shit out of them.

This marked the next Great Civil war that was waged internally and covertly against it’s own population; The War on Ideas!

The next century would become a campaign by the rich to brainwash the people at home and a series of wars abroad in order to eradicate Communism, not for he  good of mankind, but for the status quo of the wealthy!

The biggest fraud ever successfully perpetuated was maybe the Anglo-American duplicity with Nazi Germany. In 1938 Hitler was named Time magazines Man of the Year. Hitler had the support of not only the media and politicians but of the industrialists and Anglo-American financiers. Germany did not have an economic miracle, but instead had been revived by money and investment from the West. The German war machine was brought back to affluence having been recreated by Western financial interests. The reason for this was Hitlers fanatical hate for Communist Russia. This attitude was made clear in his book Mein Kampf!

World War Two was a staged proxy war that Russia was supposed to lose and a preferred fascist Europe would result with the Anglo-American financiers and industrialists in control. The US would not intervene in Europe until it became clear that Germany was to lose and only to prevent Russia from taking control of all of Europe.

The US did not defeat Germany, the Russians did. The Russians killed six million Nazi soldiers and all the allies combined did not even kill one million.

Henry Ford in 1948 sued the American government for destroying one of his German Panzer tank factories during the war-and he won the lawsuit!



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  1. Interesting theory, with a fair amount of truth (Ford, and many other industrialists, were anti-Semites). Yet, how does one explain Lend-Lease and the meetings, both open and clandestine, between FDR (amd later, Truman), Churchill and Stalin. There were no such meetings, even early on, between FDR and any of the Axis leaders.

  2. One of the key figures that came up with the idea to control the public and to “manufacture consent” was Edward Bernays. His books were in the shelf of Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda in the Nazi regime. He came with the idea that WW1 is a war to make a better place for democracy, and helped the united fruit company to accuse Guatemala with tied to the soviets, though those weren’t real.

    If you have time you should watch
    and the movie “the century of the self” from BBC by Adam Curtis

  3. Sorry I just saw this. I’m not arguing that FDR didn’t try to tax the rich – though $200,000 must have been a tidy income back in 1945. My point is that taxing citizens never seems to bridge the gap between government income and expenditure – especially after JM Keynes legitimised deficit budgeting. The first Labour government in NZ did actually try a different way, until they were ordered to stop by the international banking fraternity. “I’m not going to waste my time explaining the facts, so find out for yourself” 😉

  4. FDR didn’t just try, he raised the taxes on the rich and used this money to fund his social programs and the public works programs. That is fact! He also used the threat of a US internal communist revolution to convince them that submission to this program was indeed in the best interest of best preserving the lives and wealth of the oligarchy. They clearly did not accept these terms out of a sense of love and philanthropy for their fellow man or in order to relieve human suffering. In fact they immediately began a century long campaign to brainwash the population by lobotomizing them of free thought, equating capitalism with freedom and American values when in fact the constitution itself does not recommend any economic system but rather promotes a Union, by the people and for the people….for the general welfare-not the oligarchs. Welfare and union are now dirty language!
    If you want a discussion about the financial system, that is an entirely different topic!

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