The world is phony

The two main organizing patterns of societies are ethnicity and religion. Together they form the core of social structure and provide the template to the roles that the various actors assume.

When a country like the US has a long history of white Christian, supremacist beliefs going back to the Puritans that disembarked the Mayflower, and still even today 80% of the congress and the senate are occupied by white Christian males, it’ not un-obvious how the country is organized.

The US is largely a stage where the actors are cast into roles that they are to assume. The privelaged and the minorities roles are entrenched and when a member of one of the subclasses dares abandon his role the reaction of those of Privelage is distress.

The Black Lives Matter movement was such an example where a Black American group seeking to adjust a corrupt system was met by hostility and threats. These protests were met with opposition talking about the disintegration of the social order. Of course blacks are not supposed to fight for justice for themselves, that is a right in truth granted only to the privelaged, and so this was seen as a threat to white domination, a rebellion.

It seems to me that a personage is more that a script imposed on him by a society. When you remove that script, usually identified easily by race and religion, you expose people for their honest worth and set them free. The people that benefit from this stage fight for its preservation like fanatics, for they know that when this breaks down they will lose the advantages they inherited but did not earn.

As Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage”, and if so the script must be rewritten and the roles recast in a broader enlightened narrative.



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  1. For that matter, white Christians’ role in North America goes back even further than the Puritans, to the establishment of St. Augustine (1565), Jamestown (1607), and Santa Fe (1609).

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