The war on drugs has resulted in an explosion of drugs. The war against poverty has also been around for several decades now and levels of poverty have only become far worse. The campaign to improve education has only left the product of the system dumber than ever. The wars on terrorism, with trillions spent and terrorism has not only survived it but has thrived because of it.

There seems to be something wrong, the more we push against something, somehow the more we draw it in. Is there something wrong with our approach that wants to change the world through control and punishment?

I believe religion is at the core of our problems and is often given credit for being a cure when it in fact and the approach it generates is the cause that lies at the heart of our dysfunctions.

Interesting that the other day I was discussing Zionism with a Zionist. He acused me of being a racist that just hated Jews.

I told him that a Zionist calling me a racist is really over the top and tried to explain that Zionism is racism by definition! Judaism is both a race and a religion!

I asked him he Jewish God was a racist and told him to consider this seriously.

The fact is the Jewish God is a racist and according to them they are the recipients of special and exclusive considerations to the exclusion of everybody else. This long history goes back in the Torah to the story of Abraham and his covenant with the almighty.

Is it possible that this religion is founded on racism, for the benefit of racists, and that it doles judgement and Privelage by its adherents to humanity based solely on race?

It seems this has backfired because Judaism has attracted more powerful and abundant racism against it than it has been able to oppose and inflict.

The inevitable push-back from a racist theology, it’s not surprising is opposing counter racism. So Abrahams covenant has been a curse and not a blessing, and their God more demonic than saintly.



13 thoughts

  1. Though I do like where this was headed it is misguided in regards to scripture. Your attack on the Jewish faith shows your lack of understanding of the scriptures in General.

    First, every belief system has Racists. That does not mean the religion is Racist in General.
    Second, from the very beginning God made a covenant that is for all Humanity. Think about that. How can God be racist when his covenant is for all humanity? Yes people have twisted this for their own gain.
    Third, since you meantioned Abraham lets talk about him for a few. God made a covenant with Abraham to bless all people. If God make a covenant with Abraham to bless “all” people how does that make God and also Abraham racist?

  2. Well partner, that’s not the interpretation of the Zionists, and it’s not the meaning most people attribute to the texts. It takes a specialist in delusion to interpret them the correct way, the way you are marketing and spinning towards! God luck and good business!

  3. Hello Robert
    Religion does not necessarily mean racism: my parents are non-believers; my husband an agnostic; one of our sons a Buddhist; I a Christian. We all love and care about one another regardless of our origins: French, Portuguese-American, Japanese (our son’s wife). I don’t think that religion (or political beliefs, which in our family are also quite varied) defines any of us, only what we do.
    Take care!

  4. Most of the world’s patriarchal religions claim special or exclusive rights for those born or converted into the faith, notable exceptions being Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s a shame, because every religious perspective also has it’s unique contribution to our understanding of the Divine!

  5. I lack confidence in your claim that religion provides insight into the Devine. Rather I find it provides insight into human vanity and arrogance instead.
    I follow the teachings of Lau Zhu and his description of the Tao. The Tao is greater and truer than gods!

  6. The word God is the most over used, referenced, and ill defined concept in the world. It is not a discovery but an invention. It is always employed by an administration that claims the exclusive ability to interpret religion and the world for you. By doing this these specialists always provide their access for a cost, typically money!

  7. Hey Robert I see where your headed, but you gotta remember religion is a touchy subject gotta figure out how to be able to express your opinion without seeming like your attacking.. but also this is your opinion in how you feel but just gotta remember the viewers feelings as well.. good luck in your future writings ☺️

  8. Feelings have nothing to do with it. People believe they have a right to brainwash their children at an early age, when they are dependent and vulnerable to programming and indoctrination.
    The parents never teach a variety of religions, only their own brand and this involves saturation, intimidation and exclusivity.
    If they taught them various religions, then their might be some fairness of mind and freedom of choice involved, but there isn’t. This is how religion is propagated in wave after wave, generation after generation, depending on social controls to perpetuate.
    If you cannot ask questions, compare, and make a free and informed choice, there is no freedom. After the process very few people escape.

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