God and Love are the two most abused words in western language!

“The Tao is kind to the deserving, the Tao is kind to the undeserving…this is true kindness!”~ Lao Zhu

The fact is also that the Tao is cruel to the deserving and the Tao is cruel to the undeserving…this is true cruelty!

There is no preference from the top of the universal order to us and our rationalizations entirely miss the reality of the coherence underlying the world. This is the result of arrogance and vanity.

The creation of a personification that combines godliness and love fractures the coherence of reality as it seeks convoluted fictions to account for and explain the fabrication with more fabricated paradoxes.

Love and hate are not personifications, they are opposite energetic patterns. And when they combine they do so to result in annihilation.

Everything is not love, and the concept of God is meaningless. The creative energy is also the same nothingness that preceded it. The totality of reality is not love, or hate, it’s nothing!

Everything in between love and hate, being and non being is process.



5 thoughts

  1. It isn’t cruelty or kindness. There’s literally nothing personal about it. Only when you make it personal is there a problem. But, I’m just an old country Buddhist…

  2. Life is an adventure how you make of it is your choice. When the person find total bliss in the nothingness…Ah! you start to play like a kid. My thoughts. I’ve seen the video before it’s pretty interesting.

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