Is Canibalism the solution to both feeding the hungry and curbing overpopulation?

People justify the production, and consumption of animals for meat on the assertion that these creatures are too far below us in both intelligence and sensitivity to bear comparison with us.

The whole question is considered absurd. In other words, we choose not to consider it at all so we do not upset the our vanity and satisfaction quo, or have to challenge ourselves with troubling questions.

A truly superior extra terrestrial being might one day happen upon the earth and apply our same negation of conscience and honest consideration and proceed to farm and cull human livestock in a mirror of our own exploitations.

We then could not turn around hypocritically in protest, “Hey buddy I have feelings, and I am not just a piece of meat!”~now could we?

As it turns out, Canibolism has been around for at least a million years. It still goes on in South America and in New Guinea and a few other places, but mostly it has been abandoned. The reason for this is clearly not ethics, or morality, because people will kill each other quicker than they will kill anything else and for less trifling reasons than food, but it is not consistent with the dominant civilized world view. And yet genetically People are the same as they were and are in New Guinea.

The planet is going to hell as things are, and yet Canibolism might be a solution to many global problems. The ultra poor people are neglected by business, finance, and governments because they lack money. Nobody can make a buck off of them and so they starve in a miserable, destitute fashion.

If we had investors with money breed, raise and harvest these people for food and profit, then at least they would be well cared for with fortified foods, healthcare and kind respectful treatment. Why not provide them with the same standard of living that a cow, pig or goat receives in the west, and at the same time curb the population crisis and provide another source of high quality proteins to feed the world with?

It might be their only hope for a descent life!


8 thoughts

  1. Honestly, it wouldn’t work well at all. The cost / lb of meat at harvest is too high for humans to make us a viable commercial meat source via farm-raising them. Wild caught might work but the variance in meat quality and safety is too high for even that to be viable.

  2. I believe the Chinese practised cannibalism until quite recently in historical terms. The meat was served at lower end eateries as ‘long pig’ because of its resemblance to pork. So, where would you like to start? Obviously, we here in the west must represent the most tempting resource – so much larger and plumper than those awfully scrawny people in less privileged third world lands ( unless of course you were to feed them up first). So, lots of steroids and growth hormones and a good and plentiful local supply. Maybe begin with Republicans?

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