Story books

Story lines are abundant as dirt and often worth far less. People peddle them to convince others of their need to accept a role within a script. The participants in this are both the willing and the unwilling, this depends on the recognition of your place within the narration. When the story is fully integrated, then it becomes a self perpetuating pattern where wave after wave and generation after generation the script is renewed.

The social order is established by such stories, full of the emphasis placed on ethnic, religious, and cast roles.

Midevil Europe was one such system where financial, legal and religious narration re-enforced the political power structure where it was by The Divine Right of Kings to own the people and rule over them in a system mirrored and endorsed by God himself. This cast people into roles of servitude, slavery and subjection. It is obvious that the powerful work to perpetuate stories that work to their benefit. Quick to take credit and quicker to deny blame passing off spin and lies to the narration.

People, like Jesus said, are just sheep! Mindless sheep is what the shepherd requires, submitting to the fleecing or the slaughter, this is the ultimate story ever told…Slave or canon fodder?

The truth of the story almost always lies beneath the surface of the text to be found only in the subtext and context.


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