Food, coercion, and death!

Given the history of monoculture like the potatoes famine in Ireland, we should be hitting the brakes instead of the accelerator when it comes to modern industrial agriculture and Monsanto.

Our history is full of examples of the control or destruction of the food supply being used as a weapon. As a direct consequence Stalin killed seven million Ukrainians as surely as dropping nuclear bombs. The US devastated the rice crops of Korea by bombing it’s dams, a war crime that resulted in mass starvation.

Given the alliance between the US government and Monsanto is it wise to allow them to gain power over the world by patenting and controlling the entire food supply, especially with the utilization of Terminator Gene Technology.

Trump is proof that insanity not only exists at the very top of the US leadership, it is dominant. Given the eagerness that the US imposes sanctions on any government, corporation, or person that seeks self-determination, allowing them absolute control of food seems unwise.

Given the rhetoric from the leadership of the West concerning overpopulation, is it wise to submit to their control of the essential substance food? The entire human race could be wiped out selectively with such power with not a bomb dropped.

Monsantos efforts results in lower yields and increased chemicals. The market and hype will result in the opposite when combined with political power, not more food security but no food security at all!


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