The Rat Race~A suckers game!

Epicurus had a philosophy of happiness. He believed that we were missing the whole joy of living by ignoring the simple pleasures like freedom, nature, friends and contemplation. His message from 350 BC seems even more urgent today than it did back then.

When you consider the Converor Belt Lifestyle of today where from the maternity ward to the morg every life is fast tracked along predetermined channels. And the incentives provided along the whole journey are based on fear and insecurity rather than in reaching and maintaining joy and happiness.

The entirety of your life is based on the determination that you cannot enjoy today until tomorrow’s security is established. And then tomorrow comes and you don’t get to enjoy that either for the very same reason. After a while all your hope is put into an eventual retirement where it is suggested you will be able to finally enjoy your life. But this end is not what it’s cracked up to be when you get there because you don’t have any energy left and your health is faulty. In the end it’s a suckers wager.

Epicurus believed that a good meal was as good as a feast. If the vessel was full of water why would you try to pour more into it? Even back then he had to be determined not to acquire more than he needed because he would have to exchange his freedom in exchange for a surplus. And so he was the first to speak against consumerism, greed and the excesses of people. He said that you sacrifice your freedom and happiness following that path.

People are looking in all the wrong places for joy and happiness according to Epicurus and so they live desperate lives. And when you consider the various groups trying to limit your freedom of thought and therefore your choices it becomes apparent that they don’t want you enjoying your retirement either, preferring to have you worry about a supposed afterlife and hell fire!

Epicurus didn’t believe in an afterlife and because of this he didn’t fear death either. What he did understand was all about how to live!



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  2. I was not criticising Epicurus (I gave your post a ‘like’), I was pointing to the contradiction in the concept ‘a-theist’. The materialist has no need to mention ‘god’, the atheist, in their self- description, does. The atheist therefore cannot do without ‘god’. ‘Nonmaterial reality’ (God) is very much a tradition of western thought.

  3. We are the living example of perpetual motion [stolen paraphrased line sorry], the trick is not to roll down the same farroe everything else is rolling down. As to possession, I don’t need much but when people keep hiding or stealing your toys of your enjoyment it becomes … an unpleasant business. Good post, will read a few more when the birdies in the house stop creeping.

  4. At the end of the day you take nothing with you..forget about material stuff, even memories fade..we are all doing things wrongly..we are still functioning in a sub conscious state..

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