Out of your control

To have free will means that you can detatch yourself from circumstance and act independantly of it. Since there are many things that we clearly have no control over, it seems that the argument for free will is tenuous at best.

We do not have control over ourselves in many ways. Your body itself is an organization of processes that take place spontaneously that you are unaware of let alone able to control; Your heart beats, your bladder fills, proteins synthesize and move. Even your thoughts can be wild, intrusive and unaccountable. No sane person chooses disease over health, poverty over wealth, or insanity over stability.

You didn’t choose to be born and you will not choose to die. You didn’t choose your parents, the community, religion, race, or culture that you were born into. You cannot make yourself love, or feel compassion any more than you can make other people think.

You can’t control the economy, or the expectations other people have of you. You do have the freedom to try to conform and avoid suffering. You have the freedom to try to change the unchangeable, but this is futile.

You cannot choose the weather, natural disasters or can you choose to get anything for free. You cannot choose your feelings or control the feelings of others!

Societies are programmed within conventions that perpetuate attitudes. They behave coherently within their belief systems and have a momentum that is thousands of years old. You cannot control society or the bigotry, prejudice or absurdities and any free will society suggests you have is imposed on you not chosen…the freedom to conform!


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