Consciousness; from facts to artifacts

If I hold my hands out before my eyes, my hands are philosophically facts! If I inventory everything on paper that is in this room, the list is yet an additional fact and it does not simplify things.

Memory is a message we carry in our minds through time for the benefit of our future selves. It’s a form of time travel by an artifact created in the brain by the physical synthesis of proteins and their assembly within the neural network.

When we have an experience in the present moment we are able to recognize the present facts as well as draw upon memories from the past. Memories are subjective and do not exist in the present moment. They are like the list of items on the paper except that they do not exist.

Consciousness is the state of being aware of the facts in the present moment; when you are asleep, drugged or drunk you may be in a state of unconsciousness. You can also be unconscious and have thoughts in the form of dreams and these dreams are based on memories. And memories are not facts and do not exist, they are at best artifacts of the subconscious or unconscious Mind!

Consciousness reveals facts and the memories formed from consciousness produce the artifacts of consciousness called memory. The quality of conscious experience determines the quality of the mind.


10 thoughts

  1. And the mind can accept all sorts of absurdities, and that is usually the problem! Enough people are so engaged in dreams that they drift through life asleep as a result!

  2. There is of course, an important distinction between unconsciousness and unawareness. That of which we are unaware, is not known to our consciousness but of course may nevertheless be a material fact. But is materiality a prerequisite for fact? With regard to thought, might it be described as fact? Certainly it is not material in nature, yet as it is recalled to our consciousness it becomes a tangible, evidential and current phenomenon…. As I write this sentence, does it move into materiality and therefore become a fact? An enjoyable read and an Interesting topic Robert.

  3. Unconscious is being unaware of the external world and that is why sleep is an unconscious state. They say many people live as if they are never truly awake! 🤔

  4. Yes we time travel through memory but memory can be deceptive too. It can change and bend in ways our mind wants to play with us. And soon we begin to believe that that memory is what happened.

    I don’t know if that made sense to you!!

  5. Memory apparently morphs every time it’s recalled. When you understand that memory often has little to do with facts in the first place, then it might not be worth too much credit! 😳

  6. We often tend to overthink things in wanting to control our reality. I know that the sum of our being is a complex algorithm of everything we have experienced. For me, the metaphysical is the lens I have refocused everything I have experienced and my future. It is a decision as much as a sum of our chemical-biological impulses. I really like how you phrased memories!

  7. “memories formed from consciousness produce the artifacts of consciousness called memory. ” I see what you’re saying, but this LOOKS like a circular argument. Memories are not tangible, and like the stubborn shadow of an e-mail that remains on an inbox list, after the e-mail has been moved to a file, memories can remain stuck in our minds, sometimes for life.

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