Confirmation Bias and the insanity of man

“the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.” Wikipaedia

The human mind is abundantly able to compartmentalize and reject or disreguard inconvenient or contradictory information. Facts as they exist are either rejected or embraced in order to preserve existing prejudices rather than to increase understanding.

Inconvenient truths are typically claimed to be lies and obvious irrefutable lies are psychologically treated as truth. Religion is the most obvious example, but following closely behind are often social and political conventions.

It’s often easy for the outsider to recognize the confirmation biases of others but not their own. From the outside it appears bizarre, but from the core it provides a reference frame that provides a continuity of perspective. And so any fact that contradicts or discredits your belief is worth demonizing and denying.

People and societies pool their energies also in creating lies and attacking all who dare challenge the prejudices on which they are anchored. Facts and people who believe in facts, are in fact the trouble makers!

You tell me, is your world flat and why do you keep rejecting the facts?


18 thoughts

  1. Very true. If we dare to look closely, we may even catch ourselves in the act. ‘Continuity’ equates to stability in a disconcertingly chaotic world. ‘Positive illusions’ or even wilful ignorance, keep the brutal truth at bay – at least for a while. The problem being, the truth doesn’t disappear whilst our heads are in the sand.

  2. Good article Harold, so thanks for sharing. It seems we both consider this issue to be a mental disorder.
    Here is a video you might be interested in as far as this malady is concerned;

  3. A little disturbing when Swartz says that Trump creates fear to overcome his feelings of fear and that this continual escalation results in his ever increasing detachment from reality. I don’t know what you felt when he launched his last round of Syrian strikes, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the ratcheting has only just begun. If so, don’t make any long term plans! 😳

  4. Scary times. And has he backed himself into the corner with so many lies that he needs a distraction as big as a world war to take the heat off himself and his corruption? Indeed, no plans beyond the day

  5. Indeed, I was thinking earlier about the collective confirmation bias of nations – through the news and sharing of ‘stories’. Even people who claim they are trying to change something and protest about how the world is are sharing stories that additionally fortify the things they do not want.

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