Wallowing in misery!

Life is a game and everyone is playing one even if the game is seriousness. There are higher games and lower games and the game of not playing a game. The ultimate irrefutable conclusion to any game including the serious game is if you follow it sincerely long enough is that you find you are a hypocrite. There are no exceptions to this.

People get trapped into games involuntarily. Rules are forced on them that are not their rules but someone else’s. Often this game is the result of relationships within society or a family and the purpose is to put you into a position that serves another’s interest at the expense of your own. You are drawn into these circumstances not by reason but an appeal to emotion(like intimidation) and trying to get out of the game often is treated with hostility. Playing a game you don’t agree with is to wallow in misery and this can consume a lifetime.

Just think about the patriotism game. Not only do you have to demonstrate patriotism expressly at every opportunity, but if you criticize policies or practices then you are quickly silenced when met by hostility. This game also requires you behave as a fake!

What about the right for religions not to be attacked by critics? Of course the religious are usually pretty unrestrained in preachiness and making threats in the name of God. But it breaks the rules to indicate their hypocrisy?

What about the politeness game where you can’t say what you really think and the other person doesn’t mean what they say?

What about family? They are often the worst and most hipocritic of the games being played and often begin when you are too young, inexperienced and dependent to avoid being drawn into them!

How about the money game, or the big house game? The snob game, the religious game, the educated person game, the nicer car game, the shame game, the blame game, the saintly game, the political party game, the nice person game, the tough guy game, the hero game, the holier than though game, the wallowing in misery game, the victim game, the athlete game,the hard luck story game? Apparently even competing to be the most humble is a popular and competitive game.

Who decides what the rules are, do you or do you just accept them even when they are clearly established just to screw you over.

I like to just plain tell them, “I have my own rules and I never agreed to your rules and after all who made you King?”…And often that’s part of my game.


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