Forming and dissolving ego

You might think of yourself, for practical purposes to be a mere partical in a vast reality lost in a whirl of fiery galaxies. A partical however with a front and a back, a left and a right, an up and a down, an outside and an inside. What is outside the skin is the rest of the universe minus you. What’s inside the skin is what accounts for the balance of everything else in creation.

So having a skin, a boundary defines us as individuals and provides the excuse to view ourselves in a context of separation. The other side of it is that our process is maintained by a flow of materials from the outside through the inside, in much the same way a candle flame is a sustained process of external flows through it of heat and gas. And by this second view we arise out of the circumstance by flow and in the end we are a pattern of process not a thing.

When did you wake up after never having fallen asleep? And when will you fall asleep never again to wake up?  Beyond both ends is non existence. Non existence is not a sensation or an experience, it’s when you and the universe do not exist from the perspective of the individual.

Consciousness is sensation, and when they tell you you were unconscious only because you were asleep then they are wrong. Beyond consciousness there is only nonbeing, just like before you awoke after never having gone to sleep.


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