The godlike Adamu

The universe may indeed be finite and only a subset of a larger multiverse. Both time and space in terms of the grand totality are nonlinear attributes underlying everything that is, was or ever will be.

From the perspective of nonlinear time the past, present and future all exist simultaneously. From the perspective of the nonmaterial, the infinitely large and small are indistinguishable. The underlying context of our linear reality is then a nonlinear one beyond linear experience where the Plank scale merges with the ultra large scales of this cosmos. Any part then is integral to the whole beyond scale and so there are no parts only the organic total.

The only forms of debate acceptable in acedemia involve symbology of numbers or of words. The importance of this cannot be overstated as a limiting factor in human cognition. The main chanals of thought then are repetitions of patterns based on these two linear human constructs.

The basic coherence underlying reality are nonlinear, but the dominant mental tools are linear. A tree is not dependent upon the idea of inches to explain itself to itself, and the sky is not relying on sentences to animate it. What is is ineffable!

We are now riding the Big Bang; an explosion created from the nothingness that ads up to nothing at every moment from the net energy sum of totality. The waves generated at that original moment are cancelled out in the end to return again to nothing with the very beginning equaling the ending in absolute symmetry.

Life is not about a journey, it’s a dance, a vibration, a resonance; you are going nowhere since there is nowhere to go! Vibrate loud, and brilliantly, in every moment and in every way you find worthy and you will have made your contribution and found your purpose and participated in the effemeral “meaning of life!”☺️


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