You’ve been dead before!

What was it like before you were conceived and born? Do you remember the sensations of sight, sound, and smell or the stresses of being late for work, missing a bill payment, finding out you’ve been cheated? You shouldn’t be remembering anything because you didn’t exist! This is a common non recollection of the past previous to you even being!

In fact you didn’t exist and you were dead! Was being dead uncomfortable, our painful, or stressful? Do you remember the circumstance…of course not!

You will be dead again, and it’ll be just like you don’t remember, and you don’t remember because you wont exist just like you didn’t exist!

You’ve been dead before and you’ll be dead again!


4 thoughts

  1. If reincarnation turns you on, then fine. Just remember you may not necessarily come back in a form or a location you appreciate. All these arguments for an afterlife, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism (I intentionally separate the two), rely upon the presence of some transcendent element in the body (which must presumably pack up and leave before the worms/crematorium set to work) that is at once a part of and separate from, life. Discounting the extremely disputable area of age regression in hypnosis there is no-one able to claim authority for this. It is, really, just a figment of the creative mind. And the mind, of course, stops with death.

  2. I don’t think I said reincarnation, if anything I said non existence which involves no memory and without memory there is no reincarnation!
    People are always trying to cheat the universe and reincarnation is just another imagined attempt!

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