The Hermit had no clothes 

People are forever signaling you what you are. They measure you up, evaluate you, and then encapsulate you in a unit of thought appropriately labeled and contained. It’s not enough to do this but if you miss their expectations they tell you so with a sharp redress and you are supposed to remember your place, just in case you forgot you are reminded.

Hermits have a long tradition, after being confused by the barrage of messages imposed on them by other people, to remove themselves from society and live alone in the wilderness where they can live without the noise, and maybe figure out at last who they really are.

Its odd at first, but space is perfectly clear. You might think it’s a dark abyss, but it’s not, it’s the absolute clarity of space that allows us to see everything contained within it. Everything that exists, exists within space and all relationships between objects are defined by the space between them.

The proof of quality in clothing is a sense of feeling it. Refined clothing doesn’t itch, or bind and it’s not heavy or stiff. In fact you forget you even have it on.

The body when working properly doesn’t ache, or throb or burn. In fact when the body is working correctly, you forget all about it.

The mind when free from disturbances, conflict, pain and thoughts of struggle, itself is forgotten. It’s the clarity of nothing that allows us to see all there is to see and be who we really are!


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