Is Ego Godlike?

I think it’s a bit odd that the Abrahamic religions concept of God is an ego. An ego is something that doesn’t belong in nature, it is separate and foreign to it.

There is no harmony between ego and nature. Nature is foreign in this context and only exists to be utilized by ego. And in contrast ego feels alien within it. Why do we say born into this world, if we did not feel unnatural to be here?

And of course the Judaic creation story tells us that first the world was created and later on man was created. And so man was a spontaneous invention that had no history with and no relationship to the planet and other life on the planet. In this story then man is not related to this world and doesn’t really belong here.

The Eastern philosophies however believe that ego doesn’t really exist. If you take into account what you think you are(what is inside the skin). And what you think is not you(what is outside the skin). You find that you have little control of either! For its certain you don’t beat your own heart any more than you shine the sun.

From this you are a tiny particle that is a point of focus for everything. You do not play the universe, the universe plays you!

The Eastern view isn’t of being born into this world but of growing out of it.

Where did you come out of? Your mother of course. Where is your mother? In this world of course! …Where does an apple come from? It grows out of a tree! Where is the tree?…Where else is there to come from?

Is a great ego a sound basis for a religion because it certainly isn’t natural or sensible and is not supported by facts.

What point is there to a great inventor ego that lauds himself over his creation and isn’t that setting a bad example? It seems we are in no short supply of human egos already lauding themselves over everyone they can!

Is God an ego trip?


4 thoughts

  1. Hi there Seven , a well written article. the answer to your question is a simple yes but i’m positive you knew that already 🙂 .kindest regards bg 🙂😎🙂

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