The unseen fate

There is a consensus among those with more than a superficial comprehension of the world that determinism is highly likely the state of things. There exists a wrote of interconnected contributions to the past, present and future state at any point in space that is not capable of independence from the rest. In fact it’s state is determinined at every point in time and this includes the behavior of both men and animals.

But it makes absolutely no difference in how you should live your life whether there is free will or not because in either circumstance the future is unknown and because this is so, the game is played exactly the same way…blnd to the outcome.


3 thoughts

  1. If everything is pre-determined then so is that consensus. It would only have any relevance to the question if those making it had the option to think otherwise.

    (I think they had)

  2. Whether reality is deterministic determines the answer to this question – should we just roll a dice when making major decisions?

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