Purposeless perfection

In the West people are immersed if not drowning in purpose and its companion drudgery. Everything has to be explained by its purpose; Babies are born in order to replace the dieing. Grade one has to be completed in order to enter grade two. Religion provides the club over your head that prevents you from becoming a psychopath. Jogging is healthy. Healthy food is good for the body and mind. Birds sing to demonstrate their territory and dogs piss to warn off rivals. The sun exists to light up the day and the moon exists to reflect the sunlight at night.

The purpose of existence itself however is difficult to comprehend. It seems at best that there is no rationally acceptable purpose to it all and many Western People find this notion discomforting. Why should purposelessness be disquieting?

In the East purposelessness is considered to be a relief, something of a break from the labors, calculations and efforts of applications engaged in daily. Purposelessness is a disengagement from the rat race and conveys the freedom to be independent of the constraints of purpose.

In a purposeless world birds sing because they like it, children dance because it feels good and the world spins around because it has nothing else to do. Why wouldn’t purposelessness and it’s lack of utility be the greatest perfection of all?


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