The Good and Evil Myth!

Good and Evil are often treated as nouns or personifications for inherent absolutes with an implied mystical foundation. Useing these terms as mystical absolutes makes them meaningless and by doing so has rendered many minds delusional with this underlying assumption and subjected them to authoritarian fraud.

Good and Evil only make sense as verbs within the context of moral and unmoral behaviors. Morality is a convention that provides the script behaviors of a code that when followed or violated has social implications. The only reason for following this code is the understanding that when people do this everything goes more smoothly for all parties involved…that’s all that morality is.

Evil within the context of morality is a serious violation of the moral code. A person characterized as Good adheres to the spirit of the code. There is no absolute Evil or absolute Good, they don’t exist. And there is no absolute authority on morality and these claims are always reduced to hipocracy.

All of the most bloodthirsty crimes committed by people at the wholesale level are by a single moral authoritarian system imposing itself on others in immoral ways. The worst inhumanity is that of the authoritarian absolutists!


One thought

  1. ‘ How great thou art’.
    Thank you for the Public lashing. There will always be someone who will give it for the team aye? Thank you for thinking of me for the 30 day prompt. The gift that will keep on giving! I would have never thought to write a poem of dislike publically. Thank you for reminding me how imperfect I truly am!

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