The Trinity of thought

What we call thinking is mostly the manipulation of the symbologies of mathematics and linguistics according to the applicable rule sets. Humans are capable of thinking and so are computers.
It doesn’t seem appropriate to talk of the consciousness of computers, so why is it we talk about the consciousness of humans?
It is clear from these that thinking is a physical process for both humans and machines and that there is no separate nonphysical basis for consciousness that is not based on Magic.

Beside mathematical and linguistically patterned symbolic thought is emotional thinking. Emotions are thoughts but they are not emerging from symbology but from experience. Given a circumstance an emotion results and this is mostly predictable. The full spectrum of symbolic and emotional patterns of thought allows us to rewrite our own programming.

People are organic, natural systems that can never be independent of their environment and are emotionally linked to it(experience). This is the difference between silicone based thinking and carbon based thinking. Computers are disconnected from organic experiences and connections to the natural world, mainly because they were technology constructs and did not grow naturally, organically out of it…making them misfits in the ecology. The universe is an organic system as are we and non symbolic thought distinguishes us from a machine.

It seems that consciousness is a myth and that computers can think but they can’t feel…and that feeling is the thinking that binds us to reality.


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